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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


When I pick up H from daycare, I usually have some kind of music in the car to accompany us home. Often the choice is nursery rhymes of the variety that stick leechlike into the adult subconscious for hours afterwards, but hey, I'm that kind of selfless mother who is prepared to make that kind of sacrifice for my child. Lately however even H has got a bit sick of Raffi et al, and so I've been trying to mix it up a bit. The last few times I've driven him though, he has been plaintively requesting "the doggy song". This threw me a bit and I couldn't work out what he meant. I trawled my inner iTunes searching for "doggy".....mmmmm...How Much is that Doggy in the Window, perhaps? Where would he have heard that? Some kind of Wiggles 'Wags the Dog' song? Careful questioning was getting me nowhere, and prompting him to sing the 'doggy' song for me was a bit beyond him.

All was revealed however last night, when I randomly shoved on a CD I had been listening to a couple of weeks ago in a fit of nostalgia for a holiday in Namibia some years ago, when I drove across the Kalahari with it belting out of the hire car for a couple of weeks. As soon as it started, H shrieked "Yay! The doggy song!"

It was Music by Madonna. And Madonna clearly translates to Doggy. Looks like H is set for the same worryingly mainstream taste in music as his mother.