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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Winter warmer.

It's just started to get seriously warm in a Perth-summer-like way here, and I have to prevent myself from smirking when chatting to friends in the UK whingeing about gales, freezing rain and dark afternoons. In fact today I have managed very little, and have even resorted to turning on the aircon in the house for the first time this year. It's just much too hot outside to be virtuous and go for a walk other than early in the morning or late in the afternoon, and as these tend to be the pinch point times with young children, it just doesn't get done. It's enough just to grab five minutes floating about with a watering can trying to revive a few wilting plants (I am adhering rigorously to the reticulation restrictions even though my inner gardener is howling).

Anyway, I am feeling sorry for myself as D is away working in Singapore until Saturday, leaving me with sole parent responsibilities. Ridiculous really, and I know plenty of women cope with far longer and more frequent absences, and even manage to look after more than two children without turning a hair, but my anxiety level goes up a few notches at the thought of having to cope as the only responsible adult. My already broken nights are now punctuated with thoughts of exactly what I would need to do logistically if, for example, I suspected B had meningitis, or if H were to scald himself/ingest poison/have an unstoppable nosebleed, etc, etc, etc. I then further amuse myself with thoughts of how many times I am likely to completely lose my temper with H over the forthcoming days as he pursues his current favourite activity, using the word "NO!" at every possible opportunity.

Sometimes it is very depressing to be with a toddler for any length of time. Don't get me wrong. SOME of the time is uplifting, delightful, intriguing and rewarding. But some of the time is definitely depressing, when you are very tired and someone is determined to press all your buttons at once. Note to self; repeat at regular intervals. "He's two. It's what they do". Aaarrgh.

At least the hot weather means that every day H can spend a good chunk of time outside playing with water, buckets, and spades, which seems to keep him sweet as much as anything ever could right now.