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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

H is in love.

Let's ignore for the moment the sad fact that it is over a month since I last blogged, only mentioning briefly that B does not sleep, and neither, as a result do I. I have thus been inhabiting the warped quasi-world that belongs to the permanently sleep-deprived, and this, combined with the joys of mastitis and winter colds, have conspired to put blogging at the tail end of my list of imminently necessary tasks.

On a sweeter note, H is in love. I have not been able to take him to daycare for a while and thus have no idea what the object of his affections even looks like, but some time last week he started mentioning "Tess" with a soppy smile on his face whenever I mentioned daycare to him. I thought he meant Jess, who is one of the carers there, and thought nothing of it. But no, Tess is a fellow two-year-old inmate who has captured my boy's heart. His report book for last Friday read "H spent most of the day trying to kiss Tess". I tried to imagine what Tess's book must have said - "Tess spent most of the day trying to evade H" perhaps? But D did tell me today that when H was dropped off this morning, little Tess leapt to her feet and ran into H's arms, so his persistence has clearly paid off.

He spent the weekend pretending to call Tess on the phone and having long pretend semi-burbled conversations which sound suspiciously like my own: " dear....oh God, that's amazing! Yeah, see you later! Bye darling!"

"Who are you calling?" I asked him.

"Tess, my girlfriend" he answered with a big grin. He's got it bad.