Mother Fluker

A Migrant Mother's Musings

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


We've had some idyllic weather here this month and I really find it hard to believe that this is the Northern Hemisphere equivalent of November. During the day the temperature has been up in the twenties, and it's blissfully pleasant to linger outside with a cappuccino enjoying the sunshine and the absence of flies. Perth is blessed with some wonderful open spaces and parks, and my favourite thing to do if I get the chance is to do down by the river on the south side of the city and stroll along the foreshore, where there is a spectacular view of the CBD and the water on a calm afternoon is like silk. There are black swans, pelicans, dolphins, wild parrots and's just gorgeous and I never get bored with it. Though I would dearly love to be able to cycle one of the loop trails again, or to walk more than a few hundred metres of it at the moment. Oh well, all in good time.

Yesterday I had my last day at work before stopping before the baby. I've been contracting, so of course there is no maternity 'leave', either paid or unpaid, but they have asked me to go back in due course which I might consider after a few months. I was sorry to finish the contract as I enjoyed what I was doing there (messing around with databases being a good tonic for parts of the brain which were definitely atrophying in the nappy bucket), but I was getting to the point of feeling so tired that something had to give. And I have only two weeks to go now, so I'd better make the most of the daytime nap potential while I can.