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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Metal mouth

Via a recommendation, D and I now have the most gorgeous and sweet dental hygienist on the planet. Not only is Teya extremely beautiful and good at her job, but she has one of those sweetly charming personalities that make you feel all stroked and at one with the world. Not a bad achievement for someone who routinely administers a procedure that used to have me grinding my nails into my palms and counting the seconds.

I have decided that Teya needs to be added to my list of Humans Who Should Be Cloned. Then we could have Teyas working in all aspects of human life and public service. Have to ring one of those tedious 1800 numbers? Don't worry, it'll be Teya on the other end. She'll pick up after two rings, deal efficiently with your problem, dole out some funny joke or incisive comment, and send you smiling on your way. I would have Teyas in every bank, supermarket, hairdressers and Centrelink office.