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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Adjective explosion.

Suddenly, H has discovered the power of adjectives. We've gone from plenty of nouns and verbs, to pronouncements on everything from breakfast "dee-licious!", the weather "sunny!", kissing "nice!", impending events "soon!", and amusing books "funny!", amongst a pile of others. There are so many new words every day at the moment that I can't keep up. And at the weekend we had a whole sentence repeated several times - "I got a ball" - though I'm not sure whether that really counts as I was expecting him to use his own name first, not "I". He does use his own name occasionally in other contexts. I don't know enough about language development to be sure about what's happening.

The best bit is when he's in the car, when I get a running commentary from the back seat. "Bus! Freeway! Cars! Tunnel! City! Water! Bridge! Truck! Hill! Go-Home!" It's just great. I can't wait for him to talk more. I want to know what's in that little head. I want him to be able to explain what he's scared of, what he likes, and what he's curious about. Bring it on.