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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's a girl!

Well it turns out that H was right all along about the baby being a girl. I am now safely home and in the process of returning to something approximating normality, or at least what will have to pass for normality in a house with a two year old and a two-week old.

The birth itself was a breeze - more akin to a night out at a comedy show than a major abdominal operation. My lovely anaesthetist and the talented Dr T between them kept up a flow of repartee that kept everyone super-relaxed. Dr T angled a mirror so that I was able to watch the entire operation and see little B's head while she was still in my abdominal cavity, which probably sounds gross but which was actually fascinating. The wave of love I felt for my little daughter as she was handed to me is just something I cannot put properly into words.

Within a short time I was back on the ward and the recovery this time from the c-section was much better than before. The pain relief was managed really well and within a few days I was down to minimal painkillers. The honey-based dressing on my scar has meant that it has healed brilliantly and two weeks later is already barely visible. I can't believe how well I am feeling physically - sleep deprivation apart of course. To anyone out there who knows they have to have a c-section, I say, worry not!

I am back driving again (with Dr T's permission) and busy dealing with H's reaction. Although he has been very affectionate with B, the overall change in circumstance has made him super-clingy with me at the moment and exacerbated his tantrums. But then did turn 2 yesterday so some of it is to be expected anyway. The weirdest thing for me is the way he looked when he first came to visit me in hospital - just enormous! He looked like a teenager compared to the tiny B!

B is very different from H in so many ways, and she does not sleep half as well. I knew I was spoilt with H who has always slept more or less on command. So I am battling the endless rounds of feeding and settling and feeding and settling ad infinitum, but it's early days and she's a wee darling really. Must dash now as I can hear her squawking once more. But life is great.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


There will be a short intermission while I supplement the world's population with another hungry mouth, an event which will take place at 0940 on June 2nd local time in Western Australia.

I am feeling totally calm about it at the moment, thanks to the inimitable Dr T who has promised to be up all night tonight sharpening his carving knife. I'm just about to go off and meet my anaesthetist. Hope he's as gorgeous as the one I had last time around.

At least 6 days in the cushily luxurious SJOG hospital here, and then back home. More then!